Walking in a dream, before it becomes reality

Virtuo: the software that, with just one click, allows customers to experience the feeling of being immersed in their future home.



The ideal product for shops and companies

Virtuo is the perfect tool to present a project created with Metron in a completely innovative way, using cutting-edge Virtual Reality technologies. The virtual experience can be enjoyed on various devices, so as to provide the interior designer with a wide range of solutions to engage customers and guide them through each stage, from design to purchase.


Enjoy an immersive virtual experience

Enjoy an immersive virtual experience

Virtuo allows customers, who will be wearing a VR headset, to immerse themselves in their future home and easily envision the furniture of their dreams.

Extremely easy to use

Extremely easy to use

Once the design has been completed using the Metron graphics configurator, with just one click the interior designer can obtain a top quality virtual experience with a strong emotional impact.

High-quality rendering and animated objects

High-quality rendering and animated objects

Virtuo allows interior designers to offer their customers a truly realistic virtual experience thanks to high-quality rendering of environments with animated objects.

Interacting with furniture

Interacting with furniture

With Virtuo, users can open and close furniture doors to see the mechanisms and discover the interior fittings of the various elements.

Changing finishes in real time

Changing finishes in real time

Users have the opportunity to change the colours and finishes of furniture and related elements in real time.


How can we help you? View the frequently asked questions to get quick answers.


  • Questions Which are the possible configurations for Virtuo installation?

    Virtuo’ s available configurations are “One” or “Client/Server”. Click here for more details.

  • Questions What are the minimum system requirements for Virtuo?

    The minimun system requirements depend on the configuration chosen for Virtuo and on the function performed by the PC inside the configuration. Click here for more details.

  • Questions Which headsets Virtuo is compatible with?

    Compatible headsets are listed here.

  • Questions Which software can Virtuo be integrated with?

    Virtuo creates a virtual experience exclusively starting from the projects developed with the Metron graphics configurator.

  • Questions Do I have to have a Virtuo for each manufacturing company for which I use Metron?

    No, the installation and activation of Virtuo are unique, regardless of the number of manufacturing companies for which Metron is used. As these companies join the Virtuo project, it becomes possible to obtain a virtual experience for all the projects developed with the different Metron used.



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